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It all started in 1989. Gene Pitney’s Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart was number one, Thatcher was in charge, and it wouldn’t be long before Berlin Wall fell…

Josh grew up in Leicestershire during the 90’s and, having survived the Millennium Bug, graduated from the Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with Criminology. He spent a few years volunteering as an intervention officer for young offenders whilst working in the logistics industry. A counsellor in training, he has long been a proponent of mindful living.

With a progressive outlook on life, his speculative fiction aims to prod at life’s big questions. He draws on personal travel experience across all seven continents, as well as an introspective exploration of the self, and what it means to be alive in the modern world. His wish is to inspire readers with his open enquiry into the universe and the human condition.

Outside of writing, his interests include cycling, mountain climbing, the great outdoors, science-fiction, philosophy, spirituality, and metal with its many subgenres. Thanks to his good old dad, he was indoctrinated into the Chelsea F.C. fan club at the tender age of eight. He lives in Leicestershire, with his wife Rebecca and cats Jasmine and Bunny.

His debut novel Booths is due for release in 2018.