A dreamer in pursuit of deeper meaning, my search for answers has taken me all over the world – to all seven continents, in fact.

From cycling through the Atlas mountains, camping under the stars in Arabian deserts, exploring Mayan jungles, Inca ruins, Egyptian temples, and sailing across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic wilderness, I have taken my enquiring mind as far as possible, and in my younger and more reckless days, pushed my body to extreme limits, be it jumping out of planes, leaping off dams, camping in the wilderness of the Taiga, or trekking across volcanoes in the dead of night.

After years of outer exploration, my world changed the night I survived a near-fatal car crash. It marked what was to be my greatest adventure yet, as I turned my attention inward and began to explore the landscapes of the inner world – one of deeper meaning and renewed optimism, as I became acquainted with the elusive ‘Self’ through yoga, meditation, and spirituality.

The greatest journey, I have found, is inward, and my quest for answers extends beyond where I have been in my travels. In my writing, I draw on a lifetime of fascinating experiences, as I channel my enthusiasm for life’s big questions into thought-provoking and inspiring articles on mindfulness, expanding awareness, and the depths of the subconscious mind.

Since graduating from university with a degree in Psychology with Criminology, I have been involved in volunteering with young offenders and have taken up further education in counseling, mindfulness, and – most recently – Yoga, having become a qualified teacher. My true passion is to try to provide answers to some of life’s big mysteries, to understand the depth and complexity of the human mind, and to serve others in whatever way I can – through writing or teaching.

I have turned my hand to writing speculative fiction novels, probing deeper into what it means to be a part of the universe, and most importantly, what it means to be human.

My debut novel is Booths.