A dreamer in pursuit of deeper meaning, my search for answers has taken me all over the world – from cycling through the Atlas mountains, camping under the stars in Arabian deserts to exploring Mayan jungles, I have taken my enquiring mind far and wide.

After years of outer exploration, my world changed the night I survived a near-fatal car crash. It marked what was to be my greatest adventure yet, as I turned my attention inward and began to explore the landscapes of the inner world – one of deeper meaning as I became acquainted with the elusive ‘Self’.

The greatest journey, I have found, is inward, and my quest for answers extends beyond where I have been in my travels. In my writing, I draw on personal experiences, as I channel my enthusiasm for answering life’s big questions into thought-provoking articles on mindfulness, expanding awareness, and the depths of the subconscious mind.

Since university I have volunteered with young offenders and have taken further education in counseling and mindfulness. To deepen my understanding of the complexity of the human mind, I spent time in India to become a qualified teacher of yoga. My mission in life is to help answer to some of life’s big mysteries and to serve others on our collective quest for inner peace – through writing or teaching.

I have turned my hand to writing speculative fiction as I probe deeper into what it means to be human.

Debut novel, Booths, is due for release soon.